Virtual Assistants are “The Lifesavers” to a busy Entrepreneur. Taking on the task and responsibilities that keep most business owners tied to their office. Using a Virtual Assistant frees the time, allowing for more revenue generating opportunities.

There are a variety of virtual assistants and they all have different skills. Some may gear their work more toward scheduling and logistics, while others may focus on web-based services like manning email accounts, doing research or social media. Here are just a few things they can help you with.

Upload blogs or email newsletters

Respond to emails and set up email lists

Transcribe voice memos, conference calls and more

Run your calendar and plan your travel


Compile data into organized spreadsheets

Handle forwarded phone calls when you’re unavailable or out of town

Any time-consuming or repetitive tasks

Help you hire other employees by doing preliminary research on candidates

Write and distribute standard business communications

Prepare presentations

Manage your social media accounts

Coordinate with vendors

Place orders for new supplies