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I am Charisse Reed The Delegation Diva!


Delegating and being organized has always been a top priority for me. Having a family, I had doctor appointments, PTA meetings, football practice, you name it and it had to be done. I loved every minute. I eventually took this passion into the Corporate world. With over 25 years of Project Management expertise, I create optimal success in professional and personal balance. I have assisted Insurance Agents, Attorneys, Doctors, and many small businesses. But most passionate with Women Entrepreneurs. Like me, we love both worlds!

After working for years I noticed that most businesses miss the biggest stumbling block and that is Delegating.  Most business owners do not have an idea where to even start.  They know stuff needs to get done.  They also know that they don't have time to do it all, but most delegate task all wrong.

I come in to save the day by reducing clutter, chaos, overwhelm and stress by offering Delegation Strategies, Team Building and Time Management. My clients make more money they don't have to worry about many of the mundane/tedious tasks of running a business.                                                 

This allows my clients to focus on doing money generating activities. I help my clients balance their personal life and business by ensuring they get more done in less time which frees up their time to spend with family, take vacations or perform self-care. My clients are in good hands with me because they know things are still getting done in their business even when they are not there. My clients are in essence making money while they sleep.

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